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Understanding health insurance

Milliman principal Tim Lee is presenting today with veteran health reporter Trudy Lieberman at the Association of Health Care Journalists. The presentation, “Understanding Health Insurance,” offers healthcare journalists a basis for reporting on health insurance and understanding healthcare reform. Here is the Tip Sheet of key concepts, sources, and story ideas distributed to reporters.

Tip Sheet:
Understanding Health Insurance

Health reform is all about insurance. The new law further complicates an already complex marketplace. Consumers will need all the help they can get to navigate through it. This tip sheet offers a brief guide for reporters wanting to cover this enormously important subject.

The Basics

Premium: What people pay for insurance coverage.

Coinsurance: Usually a percentage of the bill someone must pay.

Copayment: A flat dollar amount that a person must pay for a service.

Out of pocket maximum: The maximum amount a person will pay out of pocket.

Deductible: The amount a person pays before insurance kicks in.

Cost sharing: The amount of the medical bill a person will pay out of pocket; can also encompass payroll deductions as well as out-of-pocket.

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