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Infographic: The cost of organ and tissue transplants in America

Organ and tissue transplants are a vital but expensive healthcare service in the United States, but there is little research available that measures transplant cost trends. The 2017 edition of Milliman’s triennial report was released in August and provides a better understanding for providers, insurers, and consumers of the billed charges associated with organ transplantation.

Recently, Milliman released an infographic that sums up the key findings in the report. A similar infographic was featured in the September issue of Fortune magazine and in the September 14th online edition.

Milliman report on U.S. organ and tissue transplants finds slight rise in average annual cost, survival rate overall

Milliman has released the 2017 edition of its triennial report on the estimated costs of U.S. organ and tissue transplants. The report summarizes average annual costs per member per month (PMPM), including utilization and billed charges, related to the 30 days prior and 180 days after transplant admission for organ and tissue transplants. This includes single-organ transplants such as heart, intestine, kidney, liver, lung, and pancreas, and a number of multiple-organ transplants; tissue transplants include bone marrow and cornea.

While the findings vary greatly by transplant and population type, the study found that, when compared to all combined organ and tissue transplants in the 2014 report, billed charges saw an average annual increase of 3.5% for those under 65, and 7.7% for those over 65. The analysis also revealed a dramatic decrease in wait times for kidney transplants and intestine transplants, while wait times for organs such as heart and pancreas have increased since the 2014 report. Survival rates have generally increased slightly when compared to Milliman’s previous report.

Organ and tissue transplants are a vital but expensive healthcare service, and the costs for these transplants are not readily available. This research is an important tool for providers, payers, and the public to better understand the utilization and billed charges surrounding organ and tissue transplantation.

To view the complete report, click here.

$470,000 for the average single-organ transplant

The Wall Street Journal today published 2012 Milliman data on organ transplants. Here is the excerpt:

Organ transplantation—from procurement of organs to transplant to the first year of postoperative care—is a $20 billion per year business. Recipients of single-organ transplants—heart, intestine, kidney, liver, single and double lung and pancreas—are charged an average $470,000, ranging from $288,000 for a kidney transplant to $1.2 million for an intestine transplant, according to consulting firm Milliman.

To see Milliman’s 2011 U.S. organ and tissue transplant cost report, click here.

Transplant program revived in Mississippi

The Associated Press reports on the resumption of the organ transplant program at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC). As the article explains, organ transplans at UMMC have a special historical significance:

At one time, UMMC did something no one else had dared: In 1964, Dr. James Hardy led a surgical team that performed the world’s first heart transplant, placing the heart of a chimpanzee into the chest of a man.

While the revived program will have important implications for Mississippians in need of this care, the cost of transplants continues to grow. The AP article includes a list of transplant costs:

  • Heart: $997,700
  • Kidney: $262,900
  • Liver: $577,100
  • Lung (single): $561,200
  • Lung (double): $797,300
  • Pancreas: $289,400
  • Kidney-pancreas: $474,700
  • Bone marrow: $363,800-$805,400
  • Cornea: $24,000

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