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“Meaningful use” is clarified

CMS has released long-awaited detail about the “meaningful use” of electronic health records (EHR). This notion was first introduced in last year’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The plan has already generated some concern.

In other EHR news:

A meaningful use of health IT

The health IT industry continues to debate the definition of “meaningful use” of electronic health records. The term “meaningful use” was set as a standard in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and continues to evade easy definition.

Stepping outside the technical discussion, many communities are seeing a meaningful use of technology in the form of data-pooling initiatives. The Seattle-based Puget Sound Health Alliance today launched the latest version of its community scorecard, which offers transparency for health consumers looking for more information about care providers. Efforts such as these can help tie together disparate information from various different sources into a accessible and interoperable resource that can help inform care decisions.