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Top 15 global articles and reports for 2017

Milliman’s most viewed articles worldwide in 2017 covered topics related to healthcare in the United States, the rise of InsurTech, and the challenges of IFRS 17. (For summaries and links to all of the articles, click here.)

Here is the list of the top global articles and reports for the year:

15. MACRA: Key Considerations for health plans, By Colleen Norris and Mary van der Heijde

14. Multiemployer Pension Funding Study, By Kevin Campe

13. The American Health Care Act, By Jason Karcher

12. MACRA and Medicare Advantage plans: Synergies and potential opportunities, By Christopher Kunkel, Drew Osborne, Lynn Dong, Michael Polakowski, Noah Champagne, and Charlie Mills

11. Effective employee communication: The benefits of best practices, By Jessica Gonchar, Heidi tenBroek, and Sharon Stocker

10. Building blocks: Block grants, per capita caps, and Medicaid reform, By Justin Birrell, Jennifer Gerstorff, Nicholas Johnson, and Brad Armstrong

9. Overview and practical considerations of the new insurance contract standard: IFRS 17, By Gillian Tucker and Andrew Kay

8. InsurTech: Innovation in the P&C insurance space, By Thomas Ryan

7. The employer stop-loss insurance marketplace since the Affordable Care Act, By Mehb Khoja

6. 2017 Public Pension Funding Study, By Rebecca Sielman

5. Summary of individual market enrollment and Affordable Care Act subsidies, By Paul Houchens, Jason Clarkson, and Zachary Fohl

4. Impact of the transition from RAPS to EDS on Medicare Advantage risk scores, By Deana Bell, David Koenig, and Charlie Mills

3. Corporate Pension Funding Study, By Zorast Wadia, Alan Perry, and Charles Clark

2. Pension Funding Index, By Zorast Wadia and Charles Clark

1. Milliman Medical Index, By Christopher Girod, Susan Hart, and Scott Weltz

Critical illness riders are accelerating

In a growing trend, insurance companies have begun appending critical illness (CI) riders as part of traditional life insurance policies. Insureds can accelerate receipt of a share of their policy if they are diagnosed with a critical illness such as heart attack, stroke, or cancer.

In this Best’s Review article (subscription required), Milliman’s Darrell Spell discusses how CI riders function. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Proceeds from the rider are paid directly to an insured, with no restrictions on how the funds are spent, noted Darrell Spell, principal and consulting actuary for Milliman.

“The remainder becomes payable upon death, so if you accelerate 50% of your $100,000 face-amount term life policy, your beneficiaries would receive the remaining $50,000 upon the insured’s death,” Spell said.

Similar to stand-alone CI products, insureds can use the riders’ benefits for virtually anything–mortgage, credit card bills, travel expenses, experimental drugs, child care. “The choice is theirs,” Spell said.