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Benchmark projections for specialty medications

Specialty medications have become a large portion of healthcare spend, consuming over $200 billion of a total estimated $480 billion in pharmacy spend per year. And spend on these medications is projected to continue rising.

In this study, Milliman’s Madeleine Cline, and Katie Holcomb provide claim cost benchmarks to illustrate the magnitude and distribution of specialty medication costs adjudicated under both the pharmacy and medical benefit for a commercially insured population.  Their findings suggest that understanding the complex and changing landscape is important for payers to effectively manage specialty medication costs.

MedPAC’s proposed changes to Medicare Part D: Impacts on various Part D stakeholders

The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) proposed several changes to the Medicare Part D program in a June 2016 report. MedPAC advises Congress on policies related to Medicare and its recommendations could potentially be enacted by Congress. This paper by Milliman’s Katie Holcomb and Julia Friedman discusses the impact that MedPAC’s proposed changes could have on plan sponsors, Part D members, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.