What will China’s new health insurance industry look like?

With implementation measures for the National Health and Wellness Conference and the Healthy China 2030 initiative under discussion, 21 ministries and commissions jointly released the “Action Plan for Promoting the High Quality Development of the Healthcare Industry 2019-2022.” The plan promotes, in the development of health insurance products, the use of special needs medical services, innovative medical technologies and drugs and high-end medical devices, as well as health intervention procedures such as disease risk assessments, disease prevention and physical fitness activities. All of these new health service elements should be closely integrated into the healthcare industry.

In this paper, Milliman’s Jiang Guanjun and Qinqin Huang, former editor of Insurance Society of China, discuss the future of health insurance under this new action plan. Specifically, they provide:

  1. An analysis of current issues in health insurance development
  2. Information on developing new health insurance
  3. Information on opportunities and resource support under the new health insurance