Regulatory roundup

More healthcare-related regulatory news for plan sponsors, including links to detailed information.

Guide for electronically filing ACA Information Returns for software developers and transmitters
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has published its Guide for Electronically Filing Affordable Care Act (ACA) Information Returns (AIR) for Software Developers and Transmitters (Processing Year [PY] 2018). The guide outlines the communication procedures, transmission formats, business rules, and validation procedures for information returns transmitted electronically through the AIR System.

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Health insurance provider fee moratoriums released
The IRS has published questions and answers regarding the health insurance provider fees on its website. The posting offers perspective on several issues, including the following:

• Under the 2019 moratorium, is there a health insurance provider fee in 2019?
• Must Form 8963 be filed in the 2019 fee year?
• Do the 2017 or 2019 moratoriums affect the 2018 fee year?
• Does the 2019 moratorium apply to fee year 2019 or data year 2019?

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