Gov. Mike Pence highlights Milliman’s Healthy Indiana Plan research

In his recent Wall Street Journal editorial (subscription required), Indiana Gov. Mike Pence cited Milliman studies pertaining to the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP). HIP is the state’s Medicaid expansion program designed to cover individuals who are uninsured with incomes up to 200% of the federal poverty level (FPL). Here is an excerpt from Gov. Pence’s editorial:

The Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) now provides health-savings accounts, or HSAs, to nearly 40,000 people and empowers them as health-care consumers. According to a Milliman analysis of HIP and traditional Medicaid claims, 7% fewer HIP members used the emergency room in 2012 compared to traditional Medicaid enrollees.

Another Milliman study showed that 60% of HIP enrollees in 2012 obtained preventive-care services such as annual physicals and flu shots—a rate similar to that of the general commercial marketplace. HIP enrollees choose generic drugs at a much higher rate than people covered by other private insurance plans.

When HIP was first implemented, Milliman’s Rob Damler analyzed patterns of care and pent-up demand in the newly enrolled population; for more on this analysis, reference this 2009 paper. For more Milliman perspective on the Healthy Indiana Plan, click here.

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