Transitional policy for canceled plans brought into focus

In November 2013, President Barack Obama extended canceled health insurance policies sold in the small group and individual markets for one year. The three-part series below addresses subsequent federal guidance concerning the administration’s transitional policy for canceled health plans, including changes to the risk mitigation programs of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).

President Obama’s transitional policy for canceled plans
The president’s announcement that health insurance issuers would be permitted to renew certain canceled health insurance policies raises new questions for the individual and small group marketplaces in 2014.

Update on canceled plans: Will changes to 2014 reinsurance and risk corridor programs provide financial relief?
Proposed modifications to the risk corridor and reinsurance programs are designed to stabilize the fledgling reformed markets on and off the exchanges.

Canceled plans, part III: An extension, an expansion, and more changes to 2014 rules
Premium rates filed for 2014 might not cover claims costs if healthier individuals retain their noncompliant plans rather than seeking coverage in the ACA-compliant market.