Geographic cost differences of more than $6,000

Healthcare costs differ from one region to the next. This year’s Milliman Medical Index (MMI) once again illustrates this variation by examining 14 cities. Miami is the most expensive city studied, at $24,965, while Phoenix is the least expensive, at $18,365.

Miami has been the most expensive city for several years, which caught the eye of the Miami Herald. Here is an excerpt:

The Miami area continues to have the highest healthcare costs in the country, according to the latest edition of the Milliman Medical Index…

The number include employer and employee costs, including some out-of-pocket deductibles and co-pays.

For years, the Miami region has ranked at or near the top of costs for Medicare, with seniors here often costing twice as much a year as those in places like Salt Lake City or Minneapolis-St. Paul, according to studies by Dartmouth doctors…

Dartmouth has long attributed the high costs in Miami to the area’s large numbers of specialists and an over-supply of hospital beds.

How do these costs vary across the 14 cities analyzed in the MMI? Here is an illustration:

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