Will I need coverage or not?

The Washington Post looks at the tricky question of who will need long-term care insurance. Here is an excerpt:

So how great is the need for such coverage? It depends on how you look at the data. “One in two Americans are likely to need long-term-care services sometime in their lives,” says Amy Pahl, a consulting actuary for Milliman Inc, a leading actuarial and consulting company. However, Pahl adds, of those who might need long-term care, about a third will not meet the most common deductible period of 90 days because they will either die or recover before then.

To determine if a long-term-care policy makes sense for you, it is important to understand how the coverage works and what’s available.

One thought on “Will I need coverage or not?

  1. When You need coverage and you know exactly what you need may be to late to get coverage. All policies offered should be the most comprehensive.

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