9 thoughts on “Droids discuss individual mandate

  1. Funny how with all the hysterical media coverage we’ve seen around the topic of the individual mandate in the last couple weeks, so few people have slowed down and explained why it matters. It sure sounds like the individual mandate is the most important cost-containment provision in the entire 2000+ page law.

  2. How vital is the mandate, really? I understand that you need to have high enrollment in the exchanges and that you want everyone in the insurance pool and all of that. And this gaming dynamic with people jumping in and out of the insurance market in Mass is surely a problem (and in a state that already has an individual mandate).

    There must be other ways to encourage coverage, though. Why not create some strict penalties for not enrolling? If it cost twice as much for those who put it off you might have some people taking it all more seriously.

  3. LOL then why is it that the powerful well connected entities like Unions and Comp. like McDonalds get exceptions to this law

  4. So let’s get this straight, you need my money, which I don’t have, so your healthcare costs will be cheaper, because you have made the decision to trust the medical profession with your health. Funny, why not just let folks die if they can’t afford insurance, why is it that hospitals feel they have to help people who have no way to pay for it anyway?

  5. You are individually mandated to buy health insurance. If you don’t want to then all you have to do is donate money to Democrat coffers. Then you get a waiver. Wake up people. We have racketeering going on from the White House. Give me money or I’ll drown your business in costs that will sink you!!!! It is totally beyond me how anyone can vote for this economic terrorist again.

  6. Why don’t they just tell it like it is? The Individual Mandate is EXTORTION, plain and simple.

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