Rate review regulation out today

Health and Human Services (HHS) today issued proposed rate review regulations. One of the big takeaways in the press conference: federal versus state authority. “Rate review is the job of states,” said HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Director of the Office of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight Jay Angoff emphasized that the regulation doesn’t override state law where there are already strong rate review regulations and actuarial processes in place. Rhode Island Health Insurance Commissioner Chris Koller came to the podium and quipped: “Small state, big regulators.” Later he emphasized the word “balance” in describing the federal-versus-state role.

12/22 UPDATE: Here’s a summary of some of the coverage we’ve seen on this in the last 24 hours:

Those looking for some light holiday reading will find the proposed regulations here.

2 thoughts on “Rate review regulation out today

  1. Thanks for the post….

    For well over a year now…I have been saying that “all” the parties need to be more involved in every aspect of healthcare reform (including regulatory reform) in order for it to have any chance of success. This is one small example of how “change” will be very slow in coming…

    While the word “balance” may or may not be appropriate in this specific situation,I believe more attention should to be focused on creating solutions which are the “right” solutions.

    Thanks again for the updates…

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