Where is the value in employer-sponsored health promotion efforts?

A new audiocast with Bruce Pyenson weighs this question, considering the value of wellness and disease management programs. An accompanying article also considers the question. Here is an excerpt:

Health management programs are not without their critics. Research by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services shows some health management programs don’t live up to their promises of reducing health care expenses.

“As an actuary, I run the formulas of disease management companies on large databases and understand why they can show an ROI increase in their formulas and what the flaws are within those formulas,” said Bruce Pyenson, a principal and consulting actuary with Milliman, a New York-based actuarial and consulting firm.

Pyenson pointed out that Americans are living longer, disability rates are lower and events associated with some chronic conditions are at an all-time low. “Americans are healthier than ever, despite the obesity epidemic,” Pyenson contended.