Reading list: COVID-19 implication for LTC industry

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting every line of insurance including the long-term care (LTC) marketplace. This reading list highlights Milliman articles and papers focusing on the various issues and implications that LTC carriers and other stakeholders must consider due to the pandemic.

  • Impacts of COVID-19 on in-force long-term care insurance
    By Jeff Anderson and Mike Bergerson

    This paper examines the potential impact of COVID-19 on the LTC insurance industry based on a mortality case study. It focuses on in-force blocks of stand-alone LTC insurance in the United States.
  • Pandemic risk on long-term care insurance reserves
    By Andrew Dalton, Jeremy Hamilton, Al Schmitz, and Juliet Spector

    The coronavirus pandemic will affect underlying LTC insurance cash flows. In this paper, Milliman actuaries provide a useful framework that can help carriers develop appropriate short- and long-term assumptions in order to project future cash flows.