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How can state government encourage care providers to implement EHR?

Ed Boyle submitted a question via Facebook:

“With so much focus being placed on hospitals and clinics implementing electronic patient information systems, what – if anything – can state and/or federal government do to help support/alleviate the sometimes significant amount of time it takes physicians and clinicians to learn and become proficient at using a clinical information system – thus amounting to less time for patient care during that learning-curve period?”

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Q: What can the state and/or federal government do to help physicians learn the clinical information systems without detracting from patient care?

Mike Kreidler: The answer is “yes, there is.” We’re working on administrative simplification so that physicians and payers can process claims in a timely fashion in  a common format. The current system is antiquated. Even the rules that have been put forth for the various coding (by federal definition) have significant variations. There are format interpretation differences between one carrier or another. You’ve got to standardize that. Continue reading