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The XBox as health information portal?

We blogged earlier this week about the role of the tablet computer as an EHR tool. Now comes the news that Microsoft is finding ways to connect its personal health record, Health Vault, with various hardware systems. How might this work? Here’s a perspective from ZDNet:

The XBox, for instance, is a computer, and costs less than a PC. The main XBox site advertises systems starting at $199.

Why not put it in hospital rooms and connect it to the hospital’s electronic medical record system? That way a doctor could show a patient his scans at their bedside, and the hospital could create entertaining follow-up programs. Young patients would also have something to do.

The company is also working hard to match the Nintendo Wii with a gesture interface dubbed Project Natal. Placing the XBox in hospitals as well as homes would allow those undergoing rehabilitation the chance to do the needed work at home, creating valuable new applications and application markets.

Or a mobile phone could be used to collect data points like blood pressure, blood sugar, exercise statistics and food diaries, which could help patients stay on track and create a data stream for doctors.

What is a personal health record, and what can it do for you?

George Scriban, Microsoft HealthVault Senior Global Strategist, addresses this topic as panelist at Healthcare Town Hall.


Q: George Scriban, talk to us a little bit about HealthVault at Microsoft and what it can do for consumers. I imagine that still many people are just not aware of HealthVault and all that it potentially could do.

George Scriban: I think what we’re seeing is that the benefits of electronic health records kind of depend on where they’re deployed. Within a provider setting, the benefits are a very different set than when we’re talking about the deployment of something like the capability of collecting and aggregating your health information personally, and that’s where HealthVault plays. It’s interesting.

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Will electronic health records be governed by some industry standard? Who will provide them?

George Scriban, Microsoft HealthVault Global Stratgeist, addresses this question as panelist at Healthcare Town Hall.


Q: George, is this a situation where industry standards will resolve issues, or is it more of a winner-take-all situation with HealthVault as Windows of the future for healthcare?

George Scriban: Well, it’s an interesting question. Obviously, I don’t think this is a winner-take-all situation simply because the business here isn’t so much trapping data. The business, particularly for a platform like HealthVault, is actually liberating it. Right?

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What is the role of government and for-profit industry in widespread implementation of electronic medical records?

This video is the first of many from the Dec. 1 Healthcare Town Hall. The question was submitted by Curt Small via LinkedIn and answered by Rich Moyer, who is the product manager for MedInsight.

Curt asked:

“Given the sensitive nature of personal medical records, what should be the respective roles of government and for-profit industry in bringing electronic medical records to bear? Criticisms are often heard regarding government inefficiency and failure to bring such products to market, while industry has as its principle goal profits and the accommodation of shareholders.”

For submitting this question, Curt Small is a finalist in our question contest. Congratulations, Curt.


Rich Moyer: I think it’s a really difficult tension to manage. I think, listening to the panelists up here, you realize there are very different visions about where the data sits and who has control over it. You have providers whom the EHR [Electronic Health Records] is centered around, the provision of care. You have the HealthVault look, which is the data’s health, you know, by a corporation or a government entity. I think there needs to be a healthy discussion about, first, starting with

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