More on cancer ACOs

We have blogged before about cancer-focused accountable care organizations (ACOs). Recent developments in California continue that trend. Healthcare IT has the story:

The Association of Northern California Oncologists (ANCO) recently selected Via Oncology Pathways as a preferred pathways option for its nearly 400 members. Via Oncology Pathways will provide ANCO’s hematologist and oncology community with clinical algorithms that will help them standardize best practices for cancer treatment while optimizing patient outcomes and promoting the efficient use of treatment resources…

The announcement of the deal comes as payers and providers alike seek to find ways to control the cost of cancer therapies while also providing treatment regimens that are known to improve outcomes. In a similar deal last month, Innovent Oncology, a division of US Oncology, announced a continuing relationship with accounting powerhouse Milliman, to help provide outcomes data US Oncology can then use to negotiate oncology treatment contracts with payers.

See the full article here.

One thought on “More on cancer ACOs

  1. This is good news in many different ways. As the article stated, the future of better healthcare treatments and a more efficient use of resources will be dependent on how well we establish and maintain viable partnerships.

    Healthcare Reform is a wonderful concept… so long as everyone remembers the ultimate goal is optimizing patient outcomes. Thank You for the Post…

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